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About Us

Litebase is an online services solution by Broos Action Inc.

Our Story

Broos Action Inc is a Zambian Technology company that specializes in internet-based services and products, which include but not limited to cloud computing, web development, online advertising, software, Apps development and hardware.

Litebase is an innovations and Cloud Solutions provider, offering the most innovative technology for your business.

Our Philosophy

We work harder,
to let our user keep simple

Bruce Mubangwa
Bruce Mubangwa CEO
Products & Services
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Our Products and Services

The below list is not the full list of our products and solutions, it contains the most high ranking ones.

Passion leads to design, design leads to performance,
performance leads to success! Author S, Products Designer


You can build AI models, set up storage drives, build chatbots, host your applications and functions and many more.

Why Litebase

Broos Action built litebase to offer you with the best cost efficiency, scalable and flexible cloud services, cloud storage, API endpoints, Social networking services and many other Technology solutions in sectors including but not limited to, Health, Agriculture, Mining, Governance, Finance, Retail Offering high end Artifical intelligence and Machine learning based solutions.
Contact us to discuss on solutions that best fits your business processes.

Our Client Testimonials

Fast service Delivery

We deliver at a faster rate, as response time is a major factor in our feild..

Business Process cover

We have you covered.
Even if your subscription run out.

Wide range of APIs

Consume our APIs and save time and money setting up systems from the ground.